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Twins in Nature

When I pictured having kids someday, I imagined myself playing silly games, teaching them how to climb a tree, or tucking them quietly to sleep with their favourite bedtime story. I didn't realize how many sleepless nights of screaming I would have to endure before those movie moments came true....holy shit.

But I am relieved to say that the interactions I once imagined, are finally happening! Carly and Kathryn are shaping into little girls full of personality, bursting with impulse, and a hunger to learn. Every day they are challenging themselves to climb higher and run faster. Sometimes they giggle as they wrestle or chase each other, and its impossible not to laugh along with them (it almost always ends with crying, but for a few minutes its beautiful).

After a long winter of doing our best to offer engaging toys, play dates, play groups, and bubble guppies, it felt so necessary to spend a full weekend outside, around the cabin. As I suspected, the twins were delighted with the natural wonders of the land. We're not meant to spend so much time in rooms, in front of screens. This is how it should be...

Carly was born to run. She loves to move, and she is searching for something in life.  I have no doubt she will find it.

Kathryn has a strong gaze, and loves to take it all in.

If there is a pot, bowl, or bucket large enough to fit over her head, Carly will wear it. Like her father, she can sometimes be mistaken for the serious type, but is actually very silly.

Andrea has been finding her way with the big camera, my Nikon D810. Its fun to watch your children through a viewfinder, and it feels great when you capture something you really like :)

Being amongst the river boulders is where I felt happiest as a young lad. I could hardly wait for the girls to be old enough to discover it for themselves. Kathyrn absolutely loves it :)

Always leading the way, and looking ahead. I have to be especially quick to capture this free spirit on camera. 

Weren't you a helpless newborn a few minutes ago?! Who is this little girl, and where have the last two years gone? Slow down!

Having one or two kids seemed a sure thing in my future. Did I think it would be with such a beautiful partner? Good guys can finish first ;)

It's true, Carly does sit still from time to time. Andrea managed to capture a great photograph of this somewhat rare sighting. 

I'll forget the sleepless nights and teething....and I'll forever remember this moment. This photograph is special, and I'm so happy it was taken by Andrea :)  

Chris Crockwell